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About Us

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Who We Are

CacaoConnect is a family owned and operated business with over a decade of experience manufacturing chocolate products. Our expertise of sourcing ethically grown cacao to making best in class chocolate production allows us to service our customers’ needs and deliver our chocolate anywhere in the world.


Our team is always looking for new ways to improve our process and offer new products to our clients. We partner with local and international businesses to develop the ideal chocolate products for their baked goods, ice cream, bars, snack foods, cookies, etc. Through advanced research we develop innovative chocolate including sugar free and high protein. CacaoConnect only uses sustainably sourced Cacao and premium ingredients. Through rigorous safety procedures and quality assurance oversight, we ensure the high-quality products to enhance the world’s best brands.

Ethically Sourced Cacao

CacaoConnect sources the finest cacao from Colombia, South America, working directly with the farmers and purchasing direct while eliminating the middleman. We offer full traceability and transparency of the supply chain up to the finished product. CacaoConnect supports these farmer partnerships by co- developing social projects with them for their business and personal growth.

Highly Functional Chocolate Manufacturing

CacaoConnect is a completely unique business, working in a highly specialized category of chocolate. While using our ethically sourced cacao and with both sugar and sugar free ingredients we manufacture all types of chocolate products for the global marketplace. All our stock products are made to order as well as any custom formulation using the cleanest ingredients to ensure the confidence of our clients.


CacaoConnect wholesales its chocolate products to like-minded distributors, food manufactures, and directly to brands. We offer low MOQs to help companies manage costs and inventory levels as well refrigerated logistics service delivering to your doorstep giving our clients peace of mind that their chocolate will arrive in perfect condition.


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